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Stephanie Qualls

Stephanie’s passion is working with clients to help them create an exciting vision of a high-performance future, and to bring that vision to life.  She is a consulting and coaching professional with over thirty years of business experience, including a mix of consulting, industry line leadership, and international staff roles in the manufacturing and energy and chemical industries. For the last twenty years, she has coached leaders to realize business performance improvement through leadership development and performance coaching combined with implementation of complex results-focused programs including project execution, integrated supply chain management, maintenance planning and scheduling, asset effectiveness, and major cost reduction applying Operational Excellence and process improvement management systems, and program management.

Stephanie’s industry experience includes Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, and Chemical sectors, having helped clients to improve safety, reliability, production quality and throughput, cost, supply chain performance, contractor management, and project execution within the U.S. and in a range of international locations including Singapore, Tokyo, Equatorial Guinea, Thailand, Colombia, Brazil, Trinidad, South Africa, France, the United Kingdom, and Canada.