Helping your team make your business SOAR

“We talk about how impactful you were to our work.  We would never have captured the acreage without your help!  Those were some crazy times but I learned so much and it is clearly a career high for me (and many others).”

Vice President, Oil and Gas Company

“Stephanie and Steve’s approach is to engage the organization in a way that creates 100% ownership of the change process. They bring a great deal of cross-industry experience as well as expertise in organization design and change management, but they don’t swoop in and drive their pre-supposed solutions to improve performance.”

Rachael Jackson, BHP Billiton

“Stephanie and Steve’s approach fit our needs precisely, fully engaging the GM and myself to design a tailored, results-focused program. They leveraged their experience to create a unique approach that would be palatable by the organization to begin the culture change, without imposing a cookie-cutter approach.”

Scott Nash, Chevron North America Exploration & Production Company

“We were able to improve our execution reliability from 43% to 87% over the period, resulting in capital savings of $800 million.”

Manager, Oil and Gas Company

Case Studies

Setting up for Excellence in Project Execution

An independent oil company had completed start-up of a new processing facility in partnership with the national oil company in an African nation.  The original plan was to execute capital projects with support from the European and Houston offices, but it was becoming clear to site leaders that local capability was needed to assure delivery of complex projects with high engineering intensity.

A Revolutionary Way of Working: The Cross-Functional Nature of Success in Shale

Oil & Gas is at times a fast-paced and at others a slow-paced industry driven by volatile economies. Reacting to the market has been the downfall of many companies and David Banks had a better idea... he wanted to build a team to be proactive - able to respond to a changing industry fast as the markets dictated.

Do you need help to transform the performance of your organization?

We can help your people execute in a way that maximizes ownership among stakeholders – while assuring the organization delivers on current customer needs.

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