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Hawk’s Ridge Associates exists to unleash the potential of the people in an organization. We help them define a new vision of performance, enroll the organization in that possibility and partner with them to make that vision a reality.

Our Approach

We leverage our deep experience to help clients see their business in a new way, creating cross-functional understanding of what is working well and the changes that would take performance to new levels.

The Hawk’s Ridge Associates team guides the members of the organization through a process that builds momentum – and the desire for change – and then we help accelerate that change process through a fit-for-purpose, iterative implementation model.

Our capabilities allow us to use the right tool for the job, including change leadership; stakeholder engagement and communication; leadership development; performance coaching; process and management system design and implementation; key event design and facilitation; and program management.

Hawk’s Ridge Associates fields a small team with a bias for results. Members of the organization retain full ownership of the change to assure sustainability, with the support needed to implement at pace. People drive a performance transformation, even while meeting the urgent objectives of their ongoing work.

We tailor an approach with you to create ownership at every level of the organization.

Gather candid feedback from leaders and employees through interviews.

Observe management practices, reports, meeting effectiveness, business reviews, and leader engagement

Voice of the Organization
Management Practice Review
Voice of the Customer

Identify themes – challenges and gaps

Seek clarification and root causes through analysis

Identify key elements of the current culture

Determine the business case for change

Hypotheses with potential impact

Alignment Workshop(s)

Gather leaders to:

  • Understand the Voice of the Organization
  • Understand gaps and challenges
  • Identify solutions
  • Align on priorities
  • Identify actions with owners and key targets

Solution priorities

Owners establish plans to implement the changes

  • Objectives
  • Clear milestones to completion
  • Team members needed
  • Steering and decision structure

Governance recommendation

Establish governance structure
Engage stakeholders
Implement plans
Track progress
Track results
Communicate changes, intentions with reasons, and successes

Ongoing ownership
Business results

Case Studies

A Revolutionary Way of Working: The Cross-Functional Nature of Success in Shale

Oil & Gas is at times a fast-paced and at others a slow-paced industry driven by volatile economies. Reacting to the market has been the downfall of many companies and David Banks had a better idea... he wanted to build a team to be proactive - able to respond to a changing industry fast as the markets dictated.

Transforming Performance through Leadership and Culture

A major oil company’s drilling and completions department was underperforming, even raising questions with the Board about future investment. Technology wasn’t the issue; they had some of the best in the business. The General Manager knew a different approach was needed – one involving EQ instead of IQ.

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